How to buy autographs on eBay; Tips to avoid fakes on eBay

My latest Collectibles Chat video is "How to buy autographs on eBay." While it has something for everyone, it is most valuable to newer collectors by providing tips to avoid fakes.

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For more information on astronaut, cosmonaut and aviation autograph authentication:

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Hello Scherrie,

Not the right post to ask this..

It's better you create a new post in the Town Square forum or the Musician-Direct Signings forum

Premiere appears to be sold out of the $750 version - is that so? There seems to have been a signed $150 version which I am guessing is what is on eBay? If you can get someone/someplace to authenticate it that would be useful. Perhaps I am missing something. The numbered slipcase is another $600? A $600 uplift for a (supposedly used) pick, string, box and print doesn’t stack it.  I know it was limited to 250 but you could buy a Lugosi for that money.

It's the new trend. The popularity of the signer is built in to the price of the book. Big, big grift.

No, it's just PremiereCollectibles adding an obnoxius 're-seller fee'. It's only with them that we get these prices.

Other avenues like and Newbury Comics don't do this often, and if they do, they don't add such high fees...

It's a publisher-level directive, not a distributor one. I've seen it happen with several companies in the past year, including Doubleday, , Image and some record labels. The big one was the Dylan fiasco, but there have been numerous smaller examples throughout the past year.

Did you get the bookplate version $750?

"Return Policy: Due to the limited edition nature of signed books, orders are non-returnable."

Scherrie, you posted for information which has been provided but you have disappeared? What did you decide to do?

Hello Mr. Longo I asked Premier Collectables if the book was a numbered addition as I could not understand the pricing of after tax's of $810 dollars. They said no just signed book plate. I asked why the editions were going for less than $200 dollars on ebay they said they would get back to me and then I said I am cancelling my order that I was disappointed on the pricing. Which by the way taught me a lesson to research first before I buy! But I trusted their pricing as I had bought books from them in the past. So, short story long I did get a refund because I had purchased the book on the same day so they had not sent the book to me as of yet. Because I do know once they send it out you don't get your money back. I thank folks for their impute and again I am sorry to have to post in the wrong area. Thanks for your reply's!

Just call me Eric :-)

I am glad you avoided that whole thing. You were being - you were paying too much.

There is an entire thread about this situation I will link for you. It is a good idea to use the Search Engine here for these types of things (before buying).  The last page or two will interest you.


Yeah, it seems that on eBay you can get these from re-sellers, far cheaper than from Premiere themselves...

Pretty cool that you can get a James Hetfield authentic signature for like 150-200$ now, this guy is nearly impossible to get on other stuff, as long as the Metallica meet & greets are sold out for this current tour.

I'd love the M&G but it's ultra-expensive and sold-out for the European shows...

A sample post from the last page of the link I gave you:

"Premiere has the signed bookplate listed @$750 now, a small mark up of almost 1,000%." - Knob Dylan


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