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Damn i wish he's just sign the LP. I just have no more room for posters, but might have to buy one since he's from my hometown and a legend here.

edit - nm, just saw the cd and bought 2!

As per normal - you click on the US webstore and loads of signed items and sod all signed when you click on the UK webstore!!!  


Great find, thanks for the link--

As well as the CD with poster, there are different variant CD autographed covers to choose from too, each limited to 2500ea (he's the new Taylor Swift!). 

His (US) store is managed by Warner Bros Marketing, so should be trustworthy and reliable, I'd think.  

Very cool find.  Thank you for posting.  I picked up signed poster and a signed CD.

Amazing! The CD with the poster is such a great deal and the poster is great!

Thanks Copeadope!!

Yes that's what i thought in the end, caved and ordered 2. I hope they are packed well and don't get mangled up!!

Huge find. In for a cd and poster. Thanks!

Great find! Honestly amazing marketing and a way to drum up sales too. Been wanting an Iggy autograph and always kept missing out. Thank you!

Thanks !! grabbed a signed CD and the LP with Poster (looks like a big poster)

Yes i went back and ordered the LP with signed poster as well as CD's with Signed posters - i thought when I'm broke from buying too many signed items i can make a house out of the posters to live in!

As they are different designs - are the posters that come with the LP the same size as the ones that come with the CD does anybody know? 

The CD Posters are 18"x24" Looking at the folds on the LP poster mock up - I'm wondering if the LP posters are 48" x 36" or are they the same size as the CD ones? 

I got Iggy in person this year but this artworks looks amazing to be signed so I got CDs and poster. The first single sounds great indeed and he is still absolutely amazing live 


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