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i think it’s great that you are really rude to not just this discussion but i see now in other ones as well. maybe you should say thank you to everyone for helping you out since you don’t know instead of being nasty and rude. if you are going to be nasty to people then don’t ask people on our site since you already know the answers or don’t like what people are telling you. you are ridiculous. everyone is awesome and so helpful and nice on this site. we expect you to treat others appropriately and be kind. people are too nice here because i wouldn’t even continue to help people like you out. go buy more fakes 

Please keep conversations OPEN.
This is a simple preprint. The generic nature says a lot.

Thank you, Eric.

Well, Kammie certainly is fortunate to have the ORIGINAL, from which all preprints are made, now isn't she?

Well if you rub alcohol on part of it and it does slur it can't be a preprint . A pre-print will not smudge and you know it and I know it. So stop the smugness.

amen a praise the lord to the pre print gods

on a side note neil was know as a very bad signer and not nice to his fans so he was a tough graph

Yeah whatever

It doesn't look like a preprint signed by Diamond to me.

I opened the conversation and I can close it. There's no one that says I can't. That's why I have an option above if you can read.

No, we don’t close conversations here. I can’t keep it from happening but I reopen when I see them.

What am I missing? Is this not a direct duplicate/preeprint?

You are not missing anything, Eric.  Unfortunately, the only question at this point seems to be whether it is an autopen or a preprint.  Based on what Kammie has reported, as well as the various items signed with the same signature, it appears to be an autopen.



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