I have an opportunity to buy a large collection of photos signed by James Stewart. They were supposedly signed for an air force buddy, but the photos look awfully new. I'd really appreciate any opinions.

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That’s a great idea. I am also curious about photo process and paper type if you find out anything. 

Sure, no problem.  The more eyes on these the better.  It would be great to get some identification of the printing process.  They're not on photograph paper, and I'm not sure if they're something that could be printed on a home printer.

I'll just need a few weeks to organize and quantify the group and then I'll be in touch for mailing instructions.

Thank you, JK. If they’re thicker, they may be inkjet photo paper.

As I had mentioned earlier in this thread, the ones that I examined in hand were thick card stock prints with unmarked backs. A printed process. Definitely not run through a home printer.

Will definitely be interesting examining these. I have seen some pretty decent photos from home printers look almost professional so getting a good eye on a couple of these might help determine the printing process. Might also be old stock from decades ago due to the nature of them being uncommonly seen photos.

Will McIntosh,

Thank you for posting about these—most of all, not trying to sell them, and for sending them to JK to document and mark.

JK, thanks for taking on the big task of documenting and marking them.

Everyone—thank you for sharing your experiences and opinions.

I love our members!

Couldn't agree more!  Thanks guys!

Glad to help!

I found what I suspect is one of these James Stewart forged signed photos for sale for $75 on this dealer’s website. I did not contact the seller (was not comfortable doing so). 

James Stewart

Yep. Same fake style. 

The project to document and then permanently mark the pile of photos that was generously sent to me was on hold due to some (unrelated) things that came up, but I'll try to get it jumpstarted soon.  

The one that you posted above does look suspicious, being printed on the same cardstock.

I also wanted to point out this dealer is usually pretty trustworthy so I was shocked when I saw this on their website for sale. 


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