There was a recent discussion of a Lennon signature claimed to be from his appearance at radio station WFIL's Helping Hands Marathon in May, 1975. This prompted a suggestion that we should have a signature study of Lennon's sometimes difficult to authenticate post-Beatles signature. Some examples from this period are highly abbreviated.

I'd like to start by focusing on that May 1975 signing appearance with exemplars that are believed to be from that 3-day period. What would be particularly helpful would be examples from catalogs that go back a ways.

Here are a couple of WFIL signatures from Meet the Beatles For Real, one of which includes a doodle.

Here's a group of check signatures from 1970, sorted by date - April 8, June 3 (2), July 7, October 14, November 12 (3).

A few more from 1970:

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Is the Antiquities one above considered to be real? It seems to be similar to some of the others in the thread. Perhaps it could be possible that someone only had a newspaper in hand as an item for John to sign on that day? Thanks.
We know its not real!! I just wanted to compare the forgery style with a few others here.

I also keep re-looking at this Iconic one too, that sold almost 1 week ago from WFiL.
Im not sold on the Let it be. Whats other people opinions?

I think the market gave its verdict on this one. $6.5 k (probably ca. $5k before buyer's premium) for a Let It Be "signed" so clearly by John seems way too low.

I would never claim to be an expert on Lennon but doesn't this autograph look rather too clean and regular - especially the last part of Lennon?

Perry's letter (dated February 2017) seems to suggest that the item was re-sold very quickly after it was bought from him. Anyone know what he originally asked for it?

Excellent Presentation! Thank you. Much needed and now here for all. 

75 white album photo.
76 shaved fish card.

Ballroom has made a fantastic start to this study. The variety of those WFL signatures is quite remarkable.

I wonder if it would be useful to build on Ballroom's analysis by identifying "peak" periods of Lennon signatures and setting up a separate thread for each. After a few months the results could then be consolidated into a summary thread with the most typical "likely genuine" and "typical fake" examples per period and the number of "likely genuine" examples per period (the latter being similar to the Beatles census threads). Genuine signatures and likely fakes from the "off peak" periods would also have to be added of course.

For me the peaks seem to have been:

1. 1970 (cheques and contracts)

2. 1971 Grapefruit signing London (anything similar in US?)

3. WFL 1975

4. Double Fantasy 1980

No doubt I'm missing a lot here and I guess there is also quite a lot of material signed between these peaks.

Thank you for leading this study, Ballroom! You posted many excellent examples to start.

The Lennon checks are great pieces to study. Compare the "nnon" of Lennon on those signatures to some of the autographs members were debating in earlier discussions, where the "nnon" is evenly spaced with finely-pointed high points. Serious areas of concern are appearing already.


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