McCartney and Starr "Signed" Photo and Abbey Road LP from Probstein123 with PSA/DNA LOAs - Very surprising!

This is on eBay with a current bid of $820. Are these not "Southern California forgeries"?

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Close, but not close enough.  I notice some obvious problems but I choose not to elaborate.


Here is Probstein123's contact info -- in case someone wants to ask him where he is getting all these Beatle's forgeries from:

Rick Probstein, PO Box 1079, Clifton, NJ 07014

973 747-6304

(this is public information by the way)

Thanks, Bruce. Just to be clear, only the photo in the OP and Abbey Road LP are from Probstein123.

Don't you think it'd serve a lot better to find out why PSA is consistently certifying bad Beatles forgeries?

The hobby has built a myth that PSA & JSA are among the most trusted names in authentication. I don't fault anyone for buying into it.

The fault lies solely with the companies for perpetuating it while failing to actually do their job.

This particular issue appears to be related to PSA losing their lead authenticator. I'm not aware of any SoCal forgeries that were authenticated during Grad's time there. Of course, it's possible that it happened and I just haven't seen it.

Regardless of what caused them to start doing it, the problem is, IMO, that they're doing it--not that people take them at the word & believe that they're actually doing the job that they hold themselves out as experts at.

I think Probstein could actually stand to learn about the hobby that they're engaging in, but, short of that, they're doing what I'd do in that situation--hiring the experts and taking them at their word that they're doing their job.

That they aren't actually experts, or aren't experts any longer, is a problem with PSA, not the people who buy into the myth.

I think it would depend on the level of specificity provided by the person questioning the item. If it's very specific information, the seller wouldn't necessarily have be knowledgeable about the subject, and could at least ask a second expert. Any seller with this amount of experience understands that these TPAs aren't perfect. At some point, it's simply taking advantage of someone else's mistake.

Has anyone ever pinpointed exactly WHO the So CA forger is?  Just curious.

That could be libel / slander, and expose one to civil liability. 

Read my question again.




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