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I have a  Michael Jordan signature I'm curious the authenticity of. I look forward to hearing all opinions on what you think of it.

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I don't think so Ryan, sorry. 

Here's an in person MJ the wife got at a Elway Golf tournament.  He was at a table signing. Lucky to have got him at all he only signed about 20 that day and left.  Elway sat there for an hour or so and still signed later for all those that worked the tournament.

I have not heard of Star Authentic nor can I find much of anything good about them. The cert is very generic and has no real contact information apart from the sales address. Perhaps others will know more.


Not real IMO. And the Star Authentic COA Eric posted stating that it is their #OPINION# that it is authentic is like putting it in air quotes. 

Unfortunately this is a forgery imo. 



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