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Recently found a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball. The person found it for me knows I love collecting baseballs and that I have quite a few. They found it at a goodwill auction but for dirt cheap but wouldn't tell me the price. Apparently a lot of people were bidding on it. But can y'all tell me what y'all think of it? Thanks!!

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Yeah unfortunately it was dirt cheap because it isn't authentic, sorry to say.

My opinion as well. Chris and Terrier will probably mosey on in soon and make it official! :)

This was signed by the infamous forger, Greg Marino.

Is this what they mean by the "banana Mantle"? (M on Mickey)?

No. The Banana Mantle style has a narrow banana shaped loop that goes under the Ms. Here is an example.

The Marino fakes have a loop that is shaped like a backward D that is too much on the left side of the Ms. It does not go underneath the Ms like the bananas.

sorry but this one is a clunker.


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