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yeah, I'm in Alabama and that has happened to me before as well, but that's not the problem this time, it was delivered to Virginia and while the post office couldn't tell me the name or address on the scan of the package they have,  they did say it wasn't my name or address on the package so Waterstones obviously labeled it wrong but now they are saying they will look into it and get back to me. 

Oh ok…yeah that’s definitely a weird one, I hope they sort it out for you. But good to know it’s not just me with the Alabama thing, just happened again on Boy George order but I caught it at last second 

yeah, mine would have the correct city but get the state wrong somehow, if I remember right I think mine might have been the autofill putting the state from my previous address somehow. 

has anyone sent a request to Waterstones and/or BAM regarding these and refunds or something? I now have one of each, and both are suspect. The Waterstones is actually a thicker book with a page insert provided by the publisher. Shows as signed by the author, we know Millie didn't actually write the book, so I'm really convinced more and more the ghost writer also signed these. (or a good autopen) 

Bookends is selling copies too, and I'm not sure if these are from or for an in person sit down. The price is about doubled before shipping which is going to run about $12 from experience, so almost a $45-$50 book in the end, while these others were about $20ish or so.

Was wondering the same, the in store sigs were pretty close in comparison to my ordered book (still plenty available at other stores too), wondered if a concensus had been reached on these. 

Here is one on ebay supposedly from bookends in person event. Ill include a back to back picture here to compare as well. 


Thanks for the pics Jason. BAM had a quick reply w/no questions asked refund and paid return postage too (30 days max upon receiving it). Good customer service. 

Bookends has this image posted. 

Damn these all fake. Do they think people are dumb?

Does anyone know if the person who first posted about these on Facebook has followed up with any further info?

I am going to now open a dialogue with Waterstones about returning my example. I am not anticipating any problem with that but if enough people follow suit then they may take some responsibility for investigating the issue.

This will be a blow to their reputation and I would be surprised if they just rolled over on it. I have been buying their "signed" first editions since 1990 without any hint of impropriety or dumbness on their part. Everything hereafter is now in question in respect of this supplier (but I don't blame them for this - so far).

Waterstones will take the books back if you pay to send it back to them. 



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