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Same, thinking it should pop up at Hatchard's and Cole's too. 

Back in stock from cancelled orders

Nice, got a second one, then - were limited to one per household initially.

Hope it's readable.

same store in Raleigh NC as the Willie and Taupin is offering these too:

Nineteen Steps (Hardcover) | Quail Ridge Books

"Quail Ridge Books has a preorder link up for signed copies, but they do have a disclaimer saying they don’t know how many (if any) they’ll get. You can leave a note in your order saying you’re only interested if they do get signed copies."

Having just seen some of the returns from her recent private signing, it appears as though Millie has shortened her signature even further (from Millieb to MBB x) ahead of the release of this book, just to pre-warn people! 

Thanks for the warning. Could post a link for an example? 

something similar to these are what I was expecting for a mass signing

I've seen a few people posting recent ones from Spooky Empire on Autograph Universe on Facebook. Kind of a shrug for me, since her signature was never all that great to begin with.

I couldn't find them yesterday when you posted this. Finally ran into some. I agree with you but think I'd prefer her old style to these

didn't see this posted but B.A.M. also has them now


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