“The Cookbook” Signed Artcard Double Vinyl - Missy Elliott - Atlant...

THANKFULLY The Art Card Is The Size Of A Poster! ;-) :-D

Not sure if it is US ONLY!


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I don't get the complaining on the Missy's to each their own I guess but she signs a heck of alot nicer then alot of these artists and these all look really nice

Yeah Shawn I think yours looks really good and totally legit. Great placement of the signature on top of that. I hope mine looks as good.

Yeah I agree I think it looks good as well

Mine arrives Monday and I hope I am lucky enough to get the silver sharpie signature 

My copy came in today. I'm happy with it!

Got mine today.  I love it. Can read her signature 

Same here, pleased with this one for sure 

I ordered two, one arrived in black in with a full name, the other in gray sharpie with a shorter signature… I’m planning on selling one…but I need advice and which one I should keep?

Depends on if you want more money or the better signature. I generally go for the better signature and in that case I'd keep the black one. But that may sell for a bit more than the grey one if it looks a lot better... but probably won't make a huge difference in price so I'd probably go with keeping the black one. 

Thank you so much! 

Just received mine today! Very pleased with the signature.  This was one of the better deals so far this year 

That's a really nice one, congrats!


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