New Jimmy Page Signed Books - Pre-Order from Genesis Publications

He's actually signed these -- no stamps!

$575 which includes shipping to USA (less if you are in the UK or Europe)

Shipping in December but it will probably sell out if you wait till then. 

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I Pre-Ordered 2 Copies this morning....With only 2500 Copies Worldwide, I wouldn't wait too long. It is "Jimmy Page"....Instant Collectible....

Bagged one this morning thanks  

Strange signature... 

The sample signature in one in the adverts is indeed very strange -- it's possible Jimmy hasn't signed the books yet since they not being shipped until December and the signature has been written in by someone as a sample of where it should go when Jimmy gets around to doing them.  I have inquired with the publisher and will post an update when I hear back from them. 

I belive on the guitars he did he did a sig like that

What guitars?  Never seen a sig like this before. Do you have exemplars? 

I'm on my way to the paquia fight. But I saw sigs for a  guitar and amp that's coming out that wasn't the usual camel  humps 

The Fender custom shop version of the dragon and mirror Jimmy Page telecasters were both (partly) hand painted and signed by page this year. Seems to be the way he signs things nowadays when not rushed. 

And here is the machine printed signature on the standard (cheaper) Fender versions. It is the same one as that printed in the book so Id say its now the stock autopen Page signature and that he likely hasn't signed the actual books yet as suggested. 

thanks tq for posting them .yes   that's the graph hes using on the new stuff .I first saw examples a few months ago of it.

I belive the same with special amps hes doing also

everything ive seen that's coming out in the last 6 months has the new signature.

now nothing has hit the market but ive seen pics of him signing and as u can see hes done templates for it

now this will f** ck the tpas

no clue why he changed it .ive heard hand issue rumors

I have no clue what ur talking about. 

I disagree, JP is still very collectable and amongst the most valuable of the living icons. Verifiable signatures (like those on limited lithographs, his website sold vinyls, books etc) are still commanding top dollar.

If we rely on precedent, then investing in one of these books is probably a very safe move. 

That said, from a fan perspective, I think the asking price is pretty steep and immediately cuts out a lot of people which is sad to me.



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