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Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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The only way is to create a session token that prevents anyone camping on a page for more than a random ammount of time before being checked that they are human with a random quiz or test or both and a final test after purchase is being completed before sale completes to ensure a human is making the purchase.

Illegal or not wont stop anything, just tougher measures that may mean some genuine people are slowed down but at least a tougher system would prevent mass purchasing.

I've seen a flood of sellers bulk selling signed cards once again on eBay. Why would someone buy 70x signed cards at £35 each, makes no sense.

No bots were needed for checking out.

We we're just talking about them because someone mentioned some have been used.


I have no interest in the item under discussion but I am intrigued/appalled by your reference to "bots" in respect of ordering something online...

Can you please elucidate - bearing in mind that I am an older person and  generally considered "slow-witted" by my contemporaries.

Do you think it's safe to say these are hardcover because it doesn't say, I know you don't work there just wondering your thoughts, also thanks for posting this! Rob is a pretty funny guy!

Based on the price and it being a first edition, I'd be confident that it's hardcover.

Saw him about 15 years ago. He greeted everyone in the lobby after a show and signed whatever you had. He's even shorter than you think in person

Pamela Anderson cookbook:


(There appears to be an error in the listing where it says Patricia Cornwell instead of Pamela Anderson)


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