Opinions by Eric $12 with a full Quality Assessment and the Opportunity to Ask Questions.

Hi All,

Announcing my little service. You get what you read above for $12 per siganture - my opinion with explanation when needed or desired, a full Quality Assessment and the opportunity to ask questions. Names include Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Tallaulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson, Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Richard Burton, Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley and David Bowie. Having succesfully changed PSA's understanding of what is a genuine Gleason on the relevant Facts Page I decided this would be as good a time as any. I have also done work for auction houses in the last few years, cleaning out bad Gleason's etc.

Below is a real reponse from a bit ago. The collector commented he did not expect such a full analysis and was very pleased. If I can find a better deal for a like item I'll let you know.

Thank you.
These are authentic and typical fiber pen signatures dating to XXXX in my opinion.The notary stamp is worth what it's worth - every one of these 8x10's would be so stamped. The hand numbered limited edition is a very nice thing to have on an older SP.
Quality Assessment:
This is a very nice older set of autographs on what appears a well preserved b/w semi-matte finish 8x10 photographic print from a copy negative. The image is highly contrasted and lacking in grey tones and detail. The photo appears to be a lab photo in Extremely Fine to Near Mint condition. These photos would have been printed for this signing.
Signature placement and contrast are nearly perfect. Both signatures are not rushed and are very attractive examples for this period. No abrasion to the ink. All combine to make a nice presentation. I would prefer a photograph from the original negative but this is as issued and quite acceptable to most all (I am very picky). Having the character names is very desirable and they are typical as well. It is a limited and numbered edition which is a plus. It is not an overenlarged 16x20 or 11x14 which are often of poor quality - those are more recent money grabs to be avoided IMO. The price of $XXXX for this double signed SP is within the reasonable range for such a nice item. This would be an A item to me. A+ would be assigned if the photo was not a copy print. It is quite nice overall. Much better than average.
Do you have any questions for me? 
Best wishes,
Eric Keith Longo
Opinions by Eric
Through here or email magikbilly@yahoo.com
Payment by PayPal to magikbilly@yahoo.com

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Now formally open for opinions.

Single signed - $12

Double signed $18

Others on request.

Thank you,


Best of luck in your new venture, Eric! 

I realize that those who work in paid third party authentication as a rule don't (& really can't) comment here much as it's a conflict of business interest.  Having said that, I can certainly understand your decision.  We'll miss your regular presence on AL....but I think I can speak for many that we wish you all the best as you focus upon your new service. 


Hi Etienne,

Thank you!

Best wishes,


Congrats and good luck, Eric! That’s a pretty unique service, especially at that price level.

Thank you Mark! Yes, I want to offer something different to the collector.

The amount of time it takes to research autographs, especially high end autographs, studying every detail is only one part of authentication. You need to know how celebrities signing habits have changed over periods of time. 

Eric, this price you are offering vs the time one must invest in knowledge, is an absolute steal. $12 is nothing compared to the hundreds, even thousands that could be wasted on a forgery. 

If I ever run into someone in search of any of these autograps, I will surely refer them to you.. even for myself, who has experience of my own in spotting forgeries, if i ever decide to obtain one of these, I would gladly pay $12 for a second opinion. There is too much risk involved and this offer is extremely worth the price.

Congrats and best of luck to you Eric! 

Thank you Jason and Jack for the kind comments and wishes!

best of luck

Thank you marc!

Worth every penny with that kind of assessment. Good luck, Eric.

Thank you for you comments BC! Much appreciated.


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