I’m not sure if this is a recent thing or not, but it made the news today: 


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people like this annoy me. you are nothing without the fans. you would be like the normal folks actually having to do physical labor for a living. i obey their privacy on their own family time but cmon. you made your money. let others do the same if they get lucky like you did because not everybody makes it. or sell your autograph on your website if you are greedy for the hobby collector. it’s just like any other hobby. stop being a jerk paul mccartney. enjoy your life and scribble a few autographs . it won’t kill you!!

Well he’s probably signed more autographs than anyone alive. He’s given enough. 

When do any of us “regular” folk ever have a chance to be around a Beatle?There are plenty of options to choose from that he has signed in the past, just need to pony up the money. The man has enriched so many lives it’s time to leave him alone.

so denying a sick fan a scribble or making somebody’s day bu signing your name on a damm piece of paper is annoying. make people happy which is why you are a role model or just live a miserable filthy rich life where you forget where you came from. i don’t agree. an autograph can make a kid or grown ups day that they remember for a lifetime. if you can’t do this then you aren’t enriching anybody’s life but yourself. think of others what a scribble could mean. your old man. be wiser! sorry i totally disagree . it’s not about the money because they sure don’t need it if others profit and that will always take place. it doesn’t take a lot of effort .

I’m sure he will be a good sport and sign an autograph for a kid in a wheelchair or something but adults who inundate him with multiple record covers, photos, pickguards (gag), etc… they probably will be out of luck. I’m sure if eBay was around in the Golden Age of Hollywood those people would have stopped signing. The resellers and fraudsters have ruined it for everyone. 

Paul is going on 80 years old. He has always been a generous signer. Cut him some slack! He has every right to decide not to sign anymore. Wow! Enjoy his music.

my feeling is if you can still make money from entertaining and you are still able to do thad then this is part of it for the fans because in the end the fans buy from the dealers . you don’t have to agree but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to sign your name. go listen to his music because this site is about the hobby of autographs. keep it alive with autographs and not depriving people of a fun hobby because you are cranky from signing your name for 80 years. it’s just ridiculous in my opinion. it’s not that hard to scribble a sharpie in public by an admirer or whoever. everyone is trying to make a living even dealers so if it’s that an artist doesn’t like then sell them on your website for your fan base 

C'mon... It's not just "scribbling your name." Have some empathy.

He does one then he gets inundated. Then if he cuts it short and doesn't sign for everyone, then he's a jerk. And most of the "fans" are just guys looking to make a buck. Do you have any idea what a drag it must be not being able to do the simplest task in public without being hounded by dozens of people? All day, every day? And he is an 80 year old man.

For one week how about you stop for 15 minutes every single time you walk out of a store, go into a store, get in your car, get out of your car, go into a restaurant, leave a restaurant, etc etc. Then tell us how many hours it added up to for "just a scribble."

Well written, Steve!!!!

spot on Steve. the man is entitled to his privacy.  Whether to sign or not is a personal choice. At least he doesn't have deals with someone like Fanatics where you have to pay 500 bucks for a Trout scribble or a grand for Brady.  I have seen him in concert three times, and each time he played for over 3 hours.  if he wanted to screw his fans, he would just take the money, play for 90 min and leave.  Also, his concert tix to the public are a lot less than musicians with half his talent.

I totally agree, Steve. I would never blame someone who has signed that many autographs over such a long period of time for deciding that he no longer wants to deal with those things.

How many people here, when they turn 80, will be able to sign checks, documents, etc?



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