F671884C-4A1F-4739-AC1D-A7D280F948E7.jpegSomeone in a Beatles Marketplace group is trying to take offers for this “signed” Paul McCartney large poster. A great friend of mine posted that this is a fake and the seller called my friend an “idiot”. Any opinion is greatly appreciated here. I vote fake on this one :)

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Doesn’t look good to me at all.

nor me

Me three guys. I only shared this here because the seller of this item didn’t accept that it’s a fake. 

It’s signed “Pawl.”

no way.  The photo is nice though

I love the photo itself not the fake autograph 

That’s a good one lol

Any seller who is calling someone an idiot is actually looking for an idiot.

Very true

It's simply not Paul's writing. I guess your friend will have plenty of idiots for company.

My friend is a fellow Beatles autograph collector and he had to deal with a few idiots who wouldn’t want to accept that the autographs they show are in fact fakes

This happened to many of us in the early days of eBay. We were called angry vile names, intimidated & threatened with bodily harm, mostly, we discovered, to protect these con artists economic interests.

When money's at stake, so are the lengths these a**holes go to get it.

I remain forever grateful to Steve and this forum.


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