Can anybody authenticate this Peter Gabriel signature?

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Yes, thats good

Thank you very much Mark, I'm tickled pink now, LOL.

So then there's more authentic pieces on ebay than what most think, huh?

That is too broad a statement IMO.

Then why is it every single autograph that I posted here within the last 5 yrs or so was deemed authentic???  And guess where I bought them all?  Right, ebay.  So how can you tell me they're mostly forgeries there Eric?  Please understand I'm NOT trying to be a prick, I'm only speaking the truth.  Cheers and happy collecting.

My belief is, with no numbers to gage so my opinion, there are many more forgeries posted on eBay (and in general especially for major artists) then there are real autographs. The problem is with a place like eBay is, they honestly don't care about authenticity. They make their money off sales. The more sold the more they make.

There are legitimate companies and dealers on eBay. My belief is the bad out weigh the good. 

I agree with Adam. There are more fakes than authentic signatures; the bigger the name the higher percentage of fakes. But, I also agree with you Nicholas. Good autographs can be found there and sometimes at extremely reasonable prices.

If you know what you are doing you will be fine. Unfortunately, many buyers on eBay are not experienced collectors. 

There are definitely bargains to be had as Joe W says - if you know what you are doing.

Yes, I too believe there's more forgeries but not as near as people belive.  I buy autographs from musicians I know, that way I'm safe.  I feel I am anyways and if I'm in doubt I post it here.  Cheers Joe.

"...the bigger the name the higher percentage of fakes..."


I also agree with Adam. Just type “Paul McCartney signed” and select the sold listings, and that should give you an idea of the extent of the problem.




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