This is clearly not authentic. The pristine condition alone gives it away. How did Roger Epperson certify this? I'm sure all of you Queen experts will agree as to this not being authentic. 

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Yeah, I think so. Pure trash.

I didn't see the photo when I clicked it. Did they pull it?

No, they didn't pull it -- still up for auction.  Hopefully Innuendo will comment on this. 

I did get an email about this one the other day. It's not genuine. Email is the best way to reach me these days. I got on today but that's not my usual anymore. Please feel free to reach out to if you'd like to touch bases, all. 

RR usually pulls bad items when pointed to them via email. I'm not sure how responsive iconic is, however. 

We all should report this at Iconic. In about 18 hours someone will pay around 5k USD or maybe more for something that worths nothing!

I would hope Iconic would pull it.  Many years ago, a friend of mine attempted to have them pull a Bela Lugosi TLS signed by his secretary.  No luck and it sold for big money.

I've written to them this morning, but it seems that they have not read it or they haven't paid me the slightest attention. I'm sorry for the person who will spend such amount of money on a scribble :(

I had a similar situation several years ago. They just ignored me. Roger had to contact them and he had them remove the item.

Does Epperson joined this site?? I wish he read this discussion and fix with Iconic!! 

Roger posts sporadically. His email is as his site.

That's a Lillian Lugosi IIRC.

Yep....Lillian or a secretary.  Regardless, NOT Bela and the attempt to inform them and have it pulled was futile and it sold at a premium.  To this day, it's on the PSA Lugosi exemplar page as being verified authentic.


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