Passed away today at 89.

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A true legend.


He was a class act and will be missed!

One of my favorite James Bond characters.  I also surmise a true gentleman and film legend; he will be missed. 
RIP Sir Roger Moore - 007 James Bond

He was the James Bond of my generation. Sean Connery was great, but he was our father's James Bond.

I haven't related to a Bond since Moore was replaced in the mid-80s, and have barely seen any Bond movies since.

I have to admit, Steve, that following Sean Connery, my favorite Bond is Timothy Dalton followed by Roger Moore.

I've never watched any of the Brosnan or Craig "Bond" movies.

Well those few months younger than me that you are obviously makes a difference.

As a kid of the 70s and 80s, Moore was James Bond to me. Unfairly underrated by the Connery "purists" in my opinion.

He recently did a signing with Official Pix. Sorry I missed out on it.
To me, Roger Moore was "the" James Bond as well. My sister, who is 18 years my senior, says no...Bond is Sean Connery. I understand, but for me, Roger Moore was the best. I loved how he was so adept at combining both seriousness and humor for the role. Roger Moore was great at making light of a serious situation. Basically, he was "cool" under pressure...just how James Bond should be!

I always liked Moores Bond as he had a good time with the character. Some didn't like him because he would get into tussles and would never have a hair out of place! Most Bond fans seem to favor Connery, my favorite is Craig,he has an edge to him. I believe he will do one last film.

With respect (echoing Steve) I am both shaken AND stirred. :(



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