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This one shipped to us

Thanks for this link that ships beyond the UK, 

Looks like limit of 1 signed card, even if you order more than one CD, FYI.  

Intl shipping was more than the CD, but for Rod and Jools, seems worth it.

Maybe these will show up for the USA. Doesn’t look like it so far

Warner Australia ships to the US

Search Page (warnermusic.com.au)

thanks for WB-Australia link,  $27USD shipped to US

Thanks to all the people here, Grabbed 1 from dig and 1 from HMV.
Really love Rod...

Drogenbaron the Mad Bakara THANK YOU BOTH ! Since I'm in Canada, the Australia link worked best and came to only $37 with Shipping in. I've been cutting down on buys, as my collection is pretty much complete. However there's definitely a place and vacancy for a Rod Stewart. I hope that the CD artcard will have a full signature, rather then the simple first name only "Rod" that shows on the site. Either way an autographed Rod CD for under $40CAD is a no brainer! CD Vinyl and Cassette are now all Sold out in Australia

You're very welcome :)

Received today from HMV:

Havent seen many full name ones ,theres a lot with just a Rod X 


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