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How can you see how many are left on the US site?

Add one to your cart,  go to cart,  add a random number like 55555,  the cart will default to 4,  go back to the main page and add another to cart.

It will error out while telling you how many are remaining 

Talkshoplive now has her vinyl available with a signed insert.

i want the vinyl signed for 30 bucks lol 

I won’t buy from them (Talkshop live) again after they argued about a previous sale to me that was an autopen. 

I am in the same boat with Premiere Collectables.. Its bound to happen at some point to all of us through different retailers. I've heard a lot of bad things about TSL but out of all of my purchases with them, I've only ran into 1 issue which they quickly took care of. Blame lies ultimately on the publishers and celebrities for these autopens, but as a retailer, they need to acknowledge when this happens. Its up to them to tell the publishers that they will absolutely not sell autopenned items.

I believe TSL is learning.. I do know how frustrating it is when you show retailers absolute proof and all they do is send a pre-typed response, same as they send everyone, stating the publisher says this is hand signed... all you can do is sit there thinking "I just showed you proof and you are still calling me a liar..".. its how they lose customers. If retailers like this start losing money, they will eventually figure out how to communicate with the publisher to hault any shipment of these items to begin with.. If we still want to be a part of the many great items TSL drops, we have to continue to take our chances and just return items that are not authentic. I'm not saying you are wrong at all. these decisions are sometimes made out of principal. Ill continue to email retailers anytime an autopen comes out, even if I did not buy it, Ill gladly join in the fight because autopens absolutely need to stop, but if I stopped buying from every store that sold an autopen, I wouldn't be buying autographs at all anymore

One week later, these are still available for pre-order. Can’t wait to add this to my collection of worthless autopenned cds!


I hope you are wrong but doubt you are. 

Unfortunately you could very well be correct. Hoping that she is taking pointers from Taylor on making her record hit #1. And she does have 3 or 4 months to sign the cards so it would be pretty s***y to send autopens.

I'll buy one for $10 once they get flooded on ebay and resellers realize their mistake lol. 



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