The Signed Deluxe edition of Renegades will be on sale at Barnes & Noble on Dec 7th. Limit of one per person and instore only. No online orders . Barnes and Noble members only and the price is $500, 10% for members RENEGADES: BORN IN THE USA. ( 

and Amazon Renegades: Born in the USA (Deluxe Signed Edition): 978...

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Don't shoot the messenger if I'm wrong but it appears you can pre-order it here in Germany.

(Based on the ISBN being same as

FYI I'm UK based and Lehmanns won't fulfil my order saying they have to order stock from their US distributor. I imagine this will become more widely available in the coming days, eg on that UK Amazon link hopefully.

Amazon US has them up now

I wouldn’t rely on Amazon Pre-Order. The last (3) times I’ve preordered items albeit they were non signed items I got totally screwed on despite ordering 2+ months or more ahead. I actually had to visit local stores to pick up the item.

For this I would probably say in person would be the best case and online shopping with Amazon would be “wishful thinking.”

Still not sold out. If it doesn't work out oh well. 

Yeeeah... they won't ship all of those orders.

Thanks for the post, btw! This is a huge release. Of course, with B&N's in-store only and 1 per customer policy this somehow reduces to absurdity Amazon allowing orders of 30 copies, but as non-US those retailers are my only bet. I really hope one of them actually ships a copy, unlike with Obama's A Promised Land.

Couldn't agree more, hopefully having ordered early will secure us a copy.

I really didn't think this one would happen. Happy to be wrong.

Is this shop legit? Credit card only...

Buy 500 copies, get 'em for 199 USD each lmao. Two copies for 280 each as well, though.

I wouldn't risk it. They state the list price as $350, while it's $500 everywhere else.


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