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Steve asked me to start a new thread since some were having a lot of issues with regards to whether or not the through the mail autographs of Jerry Lee Lewis are real or not.  I will post some examples of what we have been getting recently and some know in person examples.   These TTM signatures are not cheap.  You have to pay $50 for them to his box office box.  The question is are they real or not.  Roger has said that he has never seen Mr. Lewis sign this way and it looks to perfect - like a woman's signature.  

Please post your thoughts here and examples.



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What interview are you talking about? My view is shaped by hearing that he was fairly difficult back in the day from friends who had tried to get him. I saw him twice in NYC and can attest that while he wasn't impossible, he wasn’t that easy either.  I was happy to get him once, and I whiffed the other time.  Both concerts were good though!

Anyway, I’m just looking at the autographs and seeing extreme dissimilarities between in person examples and other examples. No big conspiracy, just another star who might be using proxy signers.  I don’t like the fact that they’re charging $200 for what I see as very likely secretarials so I got involved here.

I posted a link on page 112. It would be very odd to raise the price to $200 for a secretarial signature and send notes regarding “internet fraud” to people who won’t even know what your talking about. It seems like misdirected anger rather than an attempt to steal twice as much money.

I don't have any Jerry Lee autographs. For the most part, when I collected I only collected people who I was a fan and I only know TWO Jerry song's so was never interested in getting him.

I only know Great Balls, of course though mostly from the movie Ladybugs and also a Johnny Cash song they did which is because I'm a Johnny fan. Although I don't have his autographs and am not a fan, I am always fascinated by secretarial debates. When I started collecting there were no autograph message boards, only personal sites and because the collector didn't know what was secretarial I wound up with dozens of fakes in my first few years. I would say 5 out of 10 ttms I got back were fake, either secretarial or pre print/autopen.

I do remember during my early years of collecting that Jerry Lee didn't sign then. I can't remember specifically. For some reason I think he charged even then, like $10 and fans still got a stamped item. This is obviously a guy who doesn't like signing and doesn't care about the fans getting screwed.

Ballroom is correct when stating that Jerry Lee does sometimes underline his signature.  This was obtained in person.  I want to say 2015-16.  I saw the video where he signed this... I am not sure I still have it, sorry.  But this is in person example with a line underneath the signature.  


The issue with the squiggle underline secretarials starts with that they look very different from this authentic one. The underlines are just another tell of that secretarial version. I don’t think Judith is the one who did those.

Separately, the Mean Old Man store appearance inserts look somewhat like the Jazzfest prints of around the same timeframe. I remember JLL’s daughter had a blog where she wrote about those being signed (she didn’t say she did it). They could signed by JLL’s daughter or someone else who was with him at the time, but I think they predate Judith. I don’t know if the blog has since been removed, but I thought and still think the inserts and prints were done by someone other than JLL.

I did not interpret the previous comments to mean that ONLY the proxy underlines.

Rather the proxy tends to underline consistently. And when viewed as part of a constellation of other atypical traits, the underlining is another brick in the wall.

Understood Steve Zarelli.   thanks

I think this was posted on this thread, but im not sure  jll-letter-8-13-13-to-tom-edited.jpg

Was Jerry Lee's signature on this considered authentic? I read a while back his Y's in JerrY are done without wrapping around his name... but this one is....

There are three JLLs on that page. I’d be surprised if any of them were signed by him. 

He is a tough in person signer as this video attests to.  I have gotten him a few times, but missed more than a few times.  Thru a mutual friend I was invited back stage at his 1995 show at Tramps NYC.  I met James Burton ( really nice guy) before being escorted over to Jerry.   After praising his show, and being one on one with him, when I asked him to sign my album, it seemed like I was speaking another language. He just never responded.  I came away empty that night.  All in all, I would say he is a very tough autograph and there are just too many example throughout this thread for them to be considered all real.

The first example is from PSA AutographFacts. I believe the second one is an IP example from 2002, but others say that it’s a TTM. The third is a TTM that has been accepted as authentic. As you can see in the third example, JLL sometimes uses two different styles of E. One shows no discernible loop and the other is clearly looped. They reverse positions within “Lee.” If you use a good number of exemplars and try to split up the TTMs into multiple proxy signers, I think you’ll find that this occurs within each group as it does in the book signatures and elsewhere.


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