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Got shipping notice a bit ago.

I got a bunch of 'processed' notices today for the various versions I ordered but nothing actually shipped yet. Hoping that means they are locked and won't get cancelled.

I got an actual tracking number. 

According to my tracking numbers there's a friendly competition between USPS and Fed Ex! ;-) :-) :-D 

People are starting the get the vinyls! They look great so far

Are those autopen dots?


... sorry I'm just kidding after the whole Dylan debacle

This picture is fake.. its a hoax... 

The vinyl was a paid actor.

"The Taylor Swift management and Taylor Swift did not pay anybody to portray this signed vinyl copy.”

Do you know if the signatures were sealed in the vinyls? Im hoping they come separately and we can keep the vinyls sealed

I'm hoping the opposite, lol. I have so many art cards and prints with ugly sharp folds or scratches because they slid beneath the vinyl or cd during shipment.

Sorry I have no idea it’s not mine! 

Inside the sealed vinyls sadly 



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