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US or UK?

My order still says label created (US). The other not even that.

The UK store 

Are her US / UK webstores normally this terrible? 

Cancelling initial orders - then restocking ... then cancelling some of these re-stocked orders - clearly they don't know what they're doing! 

Uk store now cancelled my jade green vinyl order

Jade vinyl insert arrived.

Looks lovely! My 3 remaining signed vinyl copies (- the blue vinyl) are arriving when they want to because their tracking number is not "tracking" on the Fed Ex website! :-/ :-/ :-/ 

My Jade and Moonstone vinyl are in the same boat. The Jade was shipped USPS media mail and is still stuck on label created since October 18 and the Moonstone was shipped UPS ground on the same day and is also stuck on label created. I would have thought ones shipped FedEx and UPS would have went out first.

She should have signed her shoulder because it would have shown up better using a black sharpie. 

Is it true when these are signed with a heart they are rare and increase in value?

People went nuts for the ones with the hearts when Red (Taylor’s Version) dropped.  And there were even a few with handwritten lyric quotes in addition to her autograph — those sold for big bucks.

This time around, the hearts are much more common, especially on the larger prints that accompany the LPs, so I’m not seeing a significant price bump for those.  And I’ve not seen any examples with lyric quotes for Midnights.

Anybody else still waiting on a signed UK Midnights CD to ship?

I’m still waiting for mahogany which is showing as pending.. sure itll be cancelled though as lots of others were last week



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