Taylor Swift UK - Midnights: Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl With Hand Signed Photo

The other thread is a little out of hand, figured Id make this one for the UK crowd


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Thank you

Thanks ! I hope the print will be bigger than the CD one.

I've looked on the website it says the ones with Vinyl are bigger prints vinyl size I think :) 

I bought it from the US Web Store and will consider it as a signed "poster" with a bonus vinyl ;-) :-D 

I have signed inserts from Leona Lewis and Alessia Cara. Sure it is a "cop out" from having them sign the vinly jacket but it seems more unique than signed inserts from CD's since they are bigger!

The best part of Taylor Swift's signed vinyl inserts is that she's giving her fans a more than fair chance of successfully buying one! :-)

Yeah know what you mean, at least there better for framing when there bigger. Can't wait for the cds to arrive! 

Got it. Very cool! Totally makes up for the CD's I failed to get...

Do you have a contact in the UK who ordered for you? Otherwise they might still cancel. Happened with my CD order.

The US store blocks some addresses right away, but the UK store does some (manual?) checks later. I received a cancellation the following day. Heard others complain about cancellations too. Not sure what they check, could be too many orders going to the same street address or they check the country from your creditcard, but count your win when you've got the shipping notice not before.

Edit: I'm still a bit sour because I placed 2 orders (different colors), they cancelled both but only refunded one.

If you paid by PayPal you should be able to get both refunds or open a claim?

Yeah it's annoying when things get cancelled or miss out, I did that with the Bono signed book.

Hopefully you might get the one that's not been refunded. 

The cancellation is annoying but I get that.

I did not pay by PayPal. I can make a claim with my bank, but that's not an easy process. I first have to try and work it out with the store, who are telling me to wait a little longer. It's annoying because refunding an order they cancel is their core business. Now they're stalling so I might forget.

Love how the e mail from the store notifying everyone who signed up for e mails  arrives 8 hours after its been on sale ,luckily not this time but in lots of instances about 4 hours after the same item they are telling you about has sold out 


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