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Thanks guys, you helped me not get scammed by AutographsAuthentication.com

Hey there, so I'm a total noob and beginner when it comes to autographs. I know next to nothing. Before I found this site, I did know nothing. However, I'm a huge music fan in general. There's not many bands I love enough to desire a signature, but one of them is definitely Uriah Heep.

Long story short, I found this b******* website AutographsAuthentication and saw they had a signed Uriah Heep album from Demons and Wizards. I foolishly purchased it, the very real possibility that it was fake not even occurring to me. I didn't think someone would go through the trouble of forging a relatively obscure band. I realize now how naive that sounds. As soon as I received it, I felt something was wrong. The whole item just felt . . . off. So I did some research on peoples' experience with AutographsAuthentication, found this site, and learned that the whole site is a scam. Luckily, I noticed it the day it arrived, so I sent it back immediately. I would be out 270 bucks if it weren't for this forum. I didn't realize at the time how rare David Byron's signature was, let alone with the whole classic lineup as well. 

As a bonus, I found an actual legit signed magazine poster of Uriah Heep's classic lineup, including Byron and Thain, on Roger Epperson's site, who I also found out about thanks to this forum, which I just ordered. So thanks twice! 

Here's a picture of the poster Epperson was selling. It's a bit hard to make out on this crappy photo, but I've seen people absolutely swear by Epperson, even if he's a human who makes mistakes, so I am very comfortable in this purchase. 

(I'm not entirely sure where to put this on the forums, but I chose feedback. Hopefully an administrator can change it if it doesn't fit and I don't get in trouble lol.) 

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Nice! Kudos on the lessons learned. You escaped relatively unharmed... luckier than many! :-)

This is definitely one of the best autograph sites around, autograph live. Most autograph websites evolve (devolve) as newer unknowledgeable collectors take over but this one has stayed steady for many years. I refer other users to this site on a regular basis.

Yeah I can definitely see that. 



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