"The Auto Scouts" Busted? $2 Million Forgery Ring Goes Down!

For those of you that remember, I used to expose "The Auto Scouts" forgery eBay accounts all the time. 

"The Auto Scouts" were a forgery ring who sold cheap forgeries of every "star" imaginable. Every single day a new eBay ID would pop up selling their crap. They would constantly change their homemade bogus "COA"s, and try to stay "one step ahead of us" on AML. Originally the majority of their eBay accounts were based in Ohio. Eventually they got slightly smarter and changed the locations

My man Tony came across this article today out of Ohio and sent it my way, telling me "The Auto Scouts" have been busted!

"$2 million Ebay sports autograph fraud uncovered in the Valley"


4 clowns who have scammed over 25,000 people on eBay, profiting over $2 MILLION. Just as I said all along, it was INSANE what these crooks were getting away with. It looks like we indeed did make a difference in this hobby by exposing these clowns.

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Awesome story, Ryan!!!!

Thank you for posting this!!!

Great news! Little by little we are making a difference.

Fantastic news. One group of scum bags down and only about 50 to go.

That's Richard...always the optimist. ;)

Great work by Ryan all these years!!!!

Thank you Christopher, it is nice to see these scumbags go down. As you said persistence pays off... I can't even remember how many times I've written about these crooks. Every single day 2-3 new eBay IDs would pop up with their crap and every single day I would expose them.

Hopefully this reaches national news to get the word out that there are scammers all over eBay. This is exactly what we needed. I wonder if any outlet will mention the 200k in fees eBay profited from these scammers? I doubt it... ;)

Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg with much bigger things to come. Karma has a way of coming back around! Thank you to all of you for doing what we do and being such an awesome community. Keep up the good work! Also thank you Tony for sending me the article!
I hope they have to pay damages.

This is great news and it proves that sometimes persistence pays off!!!

More arrests including the mastermind coming soon. GREAT news. Sounds like these thieves are singing like birds.

Great news and hopefully sends a chill down the spine of every other scamming slug on eBay. We all know this isn't the only ring operating on eBay.

Well written, Steve!!!!

Another forgery ring on ebay? Do tell,,, :).

Located at the bottom of the map of the USA, perhaps? :).

Hey! Stop implicating Hawaii. :P

To my knowledge, only Garrett Chan was known as a forger from here. The Ohio "Auto Scouts" irk me, because their crap actually end up selling through a regional Cincinnati auction house once the eBay scam shriveled up.

Hopefully the ring gets taken down, and the judge rejects the plea deals, so the culprits serve some time behind bars, rather than just getting probation.


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