THE WATCH LIST 2023: PINK, METALLICA, RIHANNA, & THE CURE! Who's on your watchlist?


PINK "Trustall" February 2023.

METALLICA "72 Seasons" April 2023.

RIHANNA "R9" 2023

THE CURE "untitled" 2023

Robert Smith has always been on my to get list, so this would be huge!

Who's on your watchlist?

*AND, what I was thinking, is that  we could all keep in mind what fellow forum members have on their watchlist,...and then when we see what they want become available...we could notify them on this forum, or even notify them directly if they're among our "Friends"!!!*

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Interesting hopefully that happens and she’s not like her pop contemporary’s and just signs a “P” in script 

Geddy Lee memoir to be released May 16

YES!  REM, thanks for reminding me, I had meant to add that to my Watchlist as I am a HUGE RUSH fan. I got Alex's autograph via Envy Of None, so Geddy is a must!

I am super excited that Bebe Rexha's New CD is going to be released next year! Her "Expectations" CD was signed via Newbury Comics but "Better Mistakes" was not available signed unfortunately! 

A signed item from P!nk and Rihanna would be Ahhmayzing! 

I have a feeling that Nelly Furtado is going to be releasing a new CD next year since she was in the studio in 2022. 

Hoping that Kylie Minogue is releasing a new CD next year but that's wishful thinking!

Hey, where's KD?  Maybe still moving from FL to the Pacific Northwest, 

but I hope he returns to action here soon, as he found plenty of things to post,

so Kenny D's return is on my wishlist!

I think its been pretty slow in general lately regardless. He spoiled us for sure but honestly its probably best that we all collectively keep searching as a group and not rely on just 1 member. You are not wrong though 

Yes, I agree- hope he returns in 2023!! :-)

I remember him posting about getting ready to move. I know he had also posted about having some health issues so I will share that last time I messaged with him (about 6 weeks ago after I helped him out with the RHCP), he mentioned he was back to dealing with some health issues and not keeping up here as much. 

I’ve been keeping him in my thoughts and hoping for a speedy recovery/return! 


Luke Combs new album on March 24. His website, the whole store is “under construction”. So I’d be looking for something big to pop up on there in the coming days. I’m thinking on or before January 27 when he releases a new song off the album. 

Looking forward to the Luke Combs release, he's always good for something signed.

New U2 album due for announcement next week -

There are a couple items I'll be keeping my eye on over the next few months -- still not sure whether I want to pull the trigger on the new Tom Hanks book (not really interested in the subject matter), and I'm still waiting to see if anything happens with the Passenger signed set from Indigo.

Beyond that, I have a couple signed Margaret Atwood books I want to buy (her next one is out in March), as I received a giftcard for Christmas that I'll be putting towards. My goal with respect to that collection is to get another 10-20 signed works this year from her - I more-or-less met that goal last year, including a signed paperback copy of Alias Grace I found at thrift just before Christmas.

I also hit a wide assortment of interesting signed titles second-hand last year, some of which haven't been posted on the site yet, and I expect to find a similar suite of books this year..



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