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The ink on the Thom looks very strange. Perhaps the pen like the Gilmour CD's.

I went the e bay route at £150 stung a bit as some sellers have 3 or 4 copies out of only 200 issued but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 

Wonder if they are different my guy looks tired

Looks like it, I saw some others on eBay. Love yours! 

Yes yours is great - all his Sigs are great with the eyes !

Thanks both

Is it my eyes or does the Yorke signature appear odd in the ink deprtment when enlarged? The stop and stop at the top off the "o" and the weird cross overs at the end of the other autograph. Strange paper and inks?

Very jealous of all of these. They look great. I read that 1 out of every 50 copies from Radiohead's store would also be signed so I wonder how many they did in total. I'll probably wait a while and snag one on Ebay someday.

Wonder if anyone is willing to trade this book for a signed Dave Gahan CD from Newbury?

You have this book or are you looking for it? If the latter, please join the line. I offered in the DG thread but no takers.

Good luck with the trades. I have a feeling I'm going to have to end up selling some combo of Elton, Lana Del Rey, Grohl, Will Smith, Coldplay to cover the money to grab one of these to make the wife happy.

That is pretty crazy. If you sold on ebay, shipping out each one, thats a big hit with fees. Grohls market will be low for a while along with eltons. Id wait till at least 2022 to sell either.. wait out the flood. Coldplay is hard to judge. I feel its already selling too high take it with a grain of salt. I havent sold on ebay for years. I do like watching to see value in things though


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