another idea I had and you all can tell me if you like it or not but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could post upcoming releases to keep an eye out for, I've never really known where to post these tips. right now I see people are watching for Harry Styles's new album with Pre-orders starting April 1st at 12 am UK, and Miley Cyrus is also releasing her first live album scheduled to drop also on April 1st. no guarantee there will be anything signed but I will be watching so I don't get caught off guard as i did with RHCP

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I'm no marketing genius but I don't see how a double release is a good idea as a business standpoint. I could see staggering them a month or 2 apart like Fearless and Red were but releasing them at the same time when everyone is complaining about inflation just doesnt seem like the best idea. If they do, there's definitely a reason for it that goes along with long term plans. I like to live with the mindset that history repeats itself. I trust what you think as well though. You are way more on top of things than I ever am

Nah I just read Twitter a lot and see what everyone else is saying lol, I agree that it doesn't make sense and didn't believe it but the fact that they just released merch for both at the same time has me wondering. if she did release signed Cds for both simultaneously maybe she could be trying to put two albums at the top of the charts at the same time. who knows, it's still all guessing at this point but I've found a lot of good stuff listening to the Twitterverse theories so I'll be watching just in case.    

I finally figured out what people on Twitter think are clues or easter eggs from Taylor Swift, the Fearless TV signed CDs were Priced at $19.89 and the Red ones at $20.10. so they expect 1989 to be the next release with Speak now to follow since it was originally released in 2010. doesn't seem like the pricing would be coincidental but I guess we'll see lol

U2 just announced Bono's autobiography coming up this fall. Unlikely there will be signed copies, but you never know.

And Britney's biography this fall. Not music related, but the Matthew Perry one would be good to get too.

Yep! I’ve done a wide search and nothing yet. It’ll be a hot item if there are signed copies 

I’d set the alarm for tomorow. MIGHT be a Taylor drop from what I’ve been seeing.

Would it drop at midnight East cost time?

any idea on around what time the other signed CDs have dropped?

5-6 am. its not 100% confirmed but a high chance it could tomorrow. 

What time zone?

I looked and they all have been around 5-6 am EST. All on different weekdays 



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