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How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Manchester United legend Denis Law, eight-page A5 programme/menu for a “gentleman’s evening” in Stockport, Greater Manchester, 1990.

The second signature is possibly that of former Stockport County chairman Freddie Pye, but I’ve been unable to verify this.

Sophia Lillis from Dungeon’s & Dragon’s

Finally completed my Mission of Burma autographs at Peter Prescott’s minibeast show last night in Cambridge, MA! 

Hey everyone...hope you are all well....here are some new pieces I recently got of the great Gary Sheffield 

Kendrick Lamar Signed Press Photo. Circa 2012.

Love this. 

The awesome Mr Joe Torre 

Not totally new in my collection..but recently recovered from storage and framed... Arod and Sheffield, from the infamous 2004 ALCS versus Boston...

The English Patient, wood-framed theatrical poster signed by Saul Zaentz (producer), Anthony Minghella (director) and Michael Ondaatje (author). Big pickup for me. Will get some clearer shots later.


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