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How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Very nice stuff, Chris! Who are the three shirtless guys in the bottom pic?

Dickie Betts, Duane and Gregg Allman


Post it, please!

white stripes piece is pretty sweet.....nice stuff

Pretty nice Michael Jordan auto. Probably not one for the wall given the personalization but a nice example from the mid to late '80s. What did you pay if you don't mind posting it here?

Hi Brick, no i dont mind. I paid 175 for it. Maybe that was too much, but compared to others it looked great. But for one that was already authenticated i just couldnt pass up the price, especially since i was just looking for an authentic jordan and didnt care if it was personalized or not. Im sure the personalization is what kept people from snagging it up. Anyway hopefully it will go up in value.


$175 is a good price for it. If anything Jordan will be a real good investment for the future, it should be his full pre-UDA signature like on the picture.

This is another topic entirely but I just wish third-party authenticators put stickers on the back of the photo without having to ask for it.

Autographs constantly get bought and sold. It's annoying that some really nice autographs have a dumb little sticker on them. I'm not talking about the $25 items that sellers stick in $10 frames with $3 matting.

What Steve is suggesting would fix the authentication questions. I just dislike expensive items being marred by some dinky sticker in the corner.

I dislike it as well. If I were to ever send anything in, I would get the sticker on the back, or if it was a full LOA with photo, no sticker at all.

The question is, can the holograms be removed without damaging the item? If you really hate it, could you just peel it off and use a little Goo Gone to remove any residue? (presuming it was a glossy photo... if it is a porous surface or a litho, I think you are SOL.)

And they should image every item they authenticate and make them available online. With a sticker on the back to prove it's original, that would pretty much eliminate switched or fake certifications.

That is exactly what needs to be done.

My experience is that the sticker glue can bleed through. I would ask for no sticker.



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