The year is nearly over already, I think it's been a great one for collectors. What was the best deal of the year in your opinion? For me it was The Yardbirds / Eric Clapton @RT given the scarcity of his signature, the limited aspect of the release and the price.

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I can relate 100%. We can start a support group for psychological scars left by that drop...

I would say Dave Gahan and out-of-the-blue restock of Ed Sheeran.& Elton John cd single. 

even though I bought them second hand it should be 2 RHCPs and the Brian Johnson book. Thanks to all the mbers here that posted these

The Yardbirds has to be the highlight, for sure. Great piece from the first line-up, very limited and affordable. 

From books/autobiographies it was nice to add from Bono, Brian Johnson, Nick Cave or Bryan Ferry to my collection.

RHCP CDs were great deal for money, although slightly disappointed with pen selection for Canteen one.

My personal favourite is my Newport Folk Festival 1963 workshop ticket, signed by Joan Baez.  It’s not the Baez autograph that makes it so precious, but the fact that it’s one of the earliest known Dylan concert tickets extant.  There isn’t another example known to still exist, so it’s impossible to put a monetary value on it, but I consider myself to have gotten a great bargain as well as a piece of history.

In terms of forum items, mark a tick in the Yardbirds column for me.

Tough one. But the Def Leppards I got stick out. The first RHCP (didn't get the 2nd unfortunately) was cool. Three Days Grace although I'm not a huge fan of the band, they come to mind just because they did it so well signing in silver in the 4 corners.

Bono probably the one for me. My disappointment was missing RHCP and leppard getting cancelled with no good reason. 

Bono book and the $15 Florence posters. 

The Yardbirds / Eric Clapton


Bono book

Brian Johnson book

So hard to choose!  No epic hits. But a lot of great ones.

Bono book for $34

Brian Johnson book for $30

Peter Gabriel book for $72

Sammy Hagar /Michael Anthony CD -$18ish

RHCP CD for $19

Def Leppard CD for $25

Lin Manuel Miranda -In the Heights book $40


Michael Mann  signed book $34

Werner Herzog signed Book - $33

Olivia Newton-John for $25!

Joan Jett, Marky Ramone, Tommy Stinson, John Doe, and Jonathan Richman for free in person!

Almost balances out the Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone” signed print for $3k, ha!


- (if it goes through) Cormac McCarthy signed boxset at MSRP

- Ken Dryden "The Series" autographed and personalized for $30 CAD


- Christie Blatchford (Can. journalist) signed set of books given to her just before she passed

- Buzz Aldrin "Men From Earth" (inscribed) at a church booksale for $0.50

- Ndaba Mandela "Going to the Mountain" inscribed book



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