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Has anyone heard if Barnes & Noble will be doing their annual Black Friday instore Signed Edition promotion? If so, any ideas of what books could potentially show up?

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Other than Editor I don't know who these signatures are on the Comedy book

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Same here, there were a variety of signatures in the ones I saw but I couldn’t tell who they were, other than the main author/editor (possibly matched some from the listed contributors, but still wasn’t sure…there is a long list of contributors inside the book, besides the ones listed on the cover)

one in the middle is Scott Aukerman 

Scott Aukerman - Wikipedia

larger one below it might be Ryan Stiles:

Ryan Stiles - Wikipedia

Thank you

Well, found a weird al in a stack of about 12. And is this card supposed to be LL Cool J? They had out the book today. This card was inside. It seems pretty close to what shows online elsewhere. Score if so.

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Maybe you could pick me up a Taupin book? Please?

I’m not at the store anymore but you can still get one here 



I went to another B&N today (Saturday) and found one Natalie Portman.

I wonder if it was the one in Bellingham. When I asked at my Barnes & Noble which stores still had a number of books, the Bellingham one seemed to have ALL of the ones I wanted but only like one or two of each. It was an hour drive for me so I didn’t attempt that. Would be interesting if a Portman was there that I would had gotten had I made the trip. 

I was in Hyannis today.  Lots of signed books but not most of the ones that are most sought after here. The children's books were in that section and the rest were in a bookcase out front. 

One that I thought about getting but ultimately did not has not even been mentioned - a book about Pearl Harbor signed by co-author Mark Harmon.

Does anyone have an extra Weird Al signed book? I checked 3 places and none had one.




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