Hi All,

I bought this a year ago from RR Auctions for about $2000. Paid another $100 for COA from PSA/DNA.

Given recent discussions my previously unshaken confidence in the items authenticity and the 2 separate COAs I received is now wavering.

What do you think - appreciate your comments.  Thanks Tony

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I would personally not lose much sleep over that. It does appear to be his standard signature on letters. Did it happen to come with an envelope? I think you are fine with that. Signed cards and album pages I would be more concerned about. I have seen others with the embossed letterhead. As a disclaimer I am not an expert on Einstein but would be happy to have that in my collection. There are other more knowledgeable voices on here in regards to scientific/space related autographs.  As far as the RR business it would not stop me buying an autograph that I knew well.  Have to wait until the dust settles to see what the ultimate outcome is.  Perhaps Mr. Zarelli would chime in I would certainly defer to his opinion if he differs with mine.  

Scott... while I am flattered by your confidence in me :-) , my area of specialty is space and aviation (supersonic X planes). I would not presume to opine on Albert Einstein.

That said, I have full confidence in RR pertaining to vintage material of this nature. If it was in my collection, I would not have any concerns.

Thanks Steve...  one day I'll get myself a Neil Armstrong and a Yuri Gagarin (when I get more cash!)

it looks imo to be fine.  why not also take it to an antiquitarian (how you spell this is anyone's guess???) bookseller for peace of mind to check that the look and the type of paper is the right kind for the year he was supposed to be writing .  I did this with something I had concerns over and my concerns proved correct.  However, in your case I don't think you have anything to be worrying about as its also not on a cut but its a complete letter

It did come with what looks to be a genuine envelope... so that's good.

If it came with an original envelope then you are fine.  Personally I would not spend money having any other authentication done.  If you decide to sell it one day I am certain you would find a buyer easily.  As for RR I would not hesitate to buy any document, letter, check etc. with them.  Actually if I liked the looks of the signature and it was someone I knew well I would not hesitate to buy cut autographs from them either.  There are those that swear by PSA, JSA etc. and those that swear at them.  I look at the autograph itself.   If you have been buying from RR I honestly do not think you have anything to worry about.  If you are still concerned post some of the ones like you did this.  I am sure there will be ones on here that can help.

Thanks Scott !

What recent discussions concern you, Tony?

all the music stuff I think.

I have spent a bunch of money in the last few years on my collection but only found this site recently....  so I was doing it on my own from Brisbane Australia...  Hence I relied greatly on whatever I could find on the Web about the people I bought from.

All the discussions of late criticizing RR Auctions and PSA/DNA have really shaken me as I bought all my expensive items thru them...  Hoping the stuff I got is real...  thanks

Hi Steve, the law suit discussions at RR and some comments that PSA/DNA are not 100% right 100% of the time..  Not 1 specific comment... just been reading a heap from this website...  Thanks Tony

No one is 100% right 100% of the time, its an  opinion not a fact.



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