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Especially when Amazon are letting you pre order up to 30 a time 

Amazon probably doesn't care about how many individuals get them, just that they sell them. Seeing them on eBay for $500 already. 

Probably? It is a business. Your interests do not matter.

Just YOUR MONEY! You take precedence over shareholders? I don't think so.

Available at Amazon France:

This will potentially be one of the most valuable items ever posted in this forum, sold with a great return policy from Amazon.

unashamedly ordered a few of them this time. I'll keep them for a rainy day. 

I’m hoping uk Amazon have them fingers crossed 

and your totally right 100 percent 

Yeah i've snagged one from Amazon FR but will switch to UK if I can.

These are appearing in way too many places. Starting to have the autopen alarms activate. 

yeah same here, not only have they shown up in way too many places but were also available for much longer than they should have been without selling out. if I remember correctly they sold out almost immediately with the ones listed with BAM early on. I'm still afraid to cancel in case I'm wrong though lol

The only one I'm trusting on this is Indigo. If it doesn't go through, so be it. The price is easily worth a gamble.

I agree it is worth the gamble, but also agree with others that something seems off with this, and not just with indigo, just the fact that with amount of places it was being sold combined with how long they were on sale, they had to sell a ton of these and wondering if he would actually sign that many. I guess only time will tell



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