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I ordered a Dominic Monaghan autograph off of eBay as a gift. I've never ordered a signature/autograph before and assumed it was reliable because it was said to be authentic by Beckett Authentication Services and the eBay seller had many positive reviews. I did some research after purchasing and have found that many people have said COA's aren't always reliable and can be forged. I did search his autograph on Google and it does look very similar in almost every photo, although his last name looks a little different each time. I feel very uneasy now and nervous, especially since I bought this as a gift for someone else and I would love a second opinion just to be sure. 

Thank you so much! 

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I do not know this autograph, but my sense is that Beckett is very strong in this genre of autographs and there is a high likelihood they got it right.

Anything can be counterfeited, but I really doubt someone is cranking out counterfeit BAS slabs for Dominic Monaghan autographs. Frankly, the cost and effort to fake a BAS slab is more than the Monaghan autograph is worth.

I would not worry about this item. Enjoy it.

The signature is fine and authentic 


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