Ebay seller - PROBSTEIN123 - Anybody dealt with them?

Hs anyone has had experience with the Ebay seller PROBSTEIN123 ?  They have a small signed photo of Bela Lugosi as Dracula that I am interested in (and 55 other watchers as well):


I noticed that the same piece sold back in August from them for  $1900:


I've had my eye on it since I'm interested and remember seeing this same piece for sale at PressPass Collectibles at one point.

Having been sold recently, I'm assuming it's been returned for a refund.  It looks good to me and has been authenticated by Beckett (It's also cool that he signed in red ink!).

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I cannot speak on the autograph; however, Probstein consigns thousands of items per day and often people buy then try to resell again later. I've seen many items resold or flipped weeks later. I have purchased twice from the seller and both times I had no issues and got the item quickly with out problems. Eric may know the signature!

I don't see any issues concerning authenticity on the Lugosi. I've never experienced any problems with this seller. Possibly the original buyer did not pay?

Thanks for looking, Dan and Joe...

I bought a BGS 10 Pristine RJ Barrett card from him a few months back (part investment piece / part want for PC) - didn't have any problems at the time, but I'm aware that there are concerns about shill bidding and shadiness regarding some of the extreme high-end listings. EBay is full of such schemes, even if it's not overt, but that's a whole other topic in itself.

I just noticed a fair amount of negative feedback regarding seller cancelled orders after an auction win.  

Yes, and it's far from the only example -- there was even a video posted by a channel I watch frequently that delves into the same phenomenon (and it was posted today, to boot!).

Think I mentioned it on another forum, but there are shill bidders and sketchiness related to a lot of signed books as well - one I've noted in the last few months is an Africa-based seller offering signed books from a Canadian author I'm trying to collect. They use shill accounts to put in some low bids on the product, and regardless of whether it's won or not, the same listing gets reposted the same day, with the same altered images (a supposed signed title page with a watermark from the seller).

I've probably bought one or two things from them over the years. Not aware of any issues. As mentioned, they do a lot of consignments so some stuff might be getting relisted on behalf of previous purchasers.

I've never had a problem with Probstein.

And I hate to guess how many autographs I've purchased through them over the years... at least 500. I don't think a week goes by I haven't purchased something, in fact, I won two auctions tonight. Almost all of their autographs are authenticated by one of the big TPA's, if you trust their opinions :-)

I've had a couple of issues over time, and they've always taken care of it immediately.

As to shill bidding, etc., I have no input or knowledge of that. Would not surprise me, but can't say I feel it's an issue with them. Definitely have seen it with other sellers, etc.  I think a lot of Probsteins' relist are due to non-payment. 



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