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some e bayers with 20+ copies ,ill wait until its £30 or so and grab one all three sleeves/cards will look nice framed up 

It’s been removed from the site now no chance of restock 


Unless they restock in usa!!!

The cd on Sheerans US site says its an import.  I dont think it will happen

Just got removed :(

I just saw that too lol. Im way ahead of you haha

ed Sheeran ones back up now

Would anybody who was able to purchase one of these Elton signed ‘Merry Christmas’ CDs consider swapping one for an Elton signed ‘Cold Heart’ or maybe Elton signed ‘Lockdown Sessions’ art card? 

(I appreciate no swaps/trades are to take place in the forum itself, if interested please message me!)

They removed the Elton page now (again). I think that's really it for this release. Ed's e-mail said this latest added batch was the last chance to order the signed CDs. I've not seen Elton restocked today but might have missed it.

I’ve been refreshing the page since they sold out every ten mins or so apart from overnight and no restock 

I’ll take this as a loss not feeding the flippers who bought 20 plus 

You’re one of my favorite people on here… I bought two… DM me and I’ll send you the second when they show up


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