uk only I’m afraid!

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yeah but he made it up the charts i saw and screwed the people who thought were getting lucky. 

Wow, that's a surprise, my full refund just showed up, and after they sent the Cd and didn't ask for the cassettes back. sure didn't see that coming 

Me too.

My US order has finally been shipped

Lockdown Sessions Signed CD cover x 1


Mine just shipped, too! Very excited for this one as it will be my 1st Elton!

I just got a shipping notification from Elton John too even though they refunded me yesterday. Doesn't say what it is but I am guessing the CD they promised. Didn't think they would follow through.

Has anyone in the states received shipping notification since the last email that was sent out? They said we should expect to receive by 12/23 and tracking info would be sent out, I still haven't seen anything. 

Yes. Mine are on the way. Shipped on 12/19

Im uk mines not been shipped yet :( 

UK? Afaik the UK ones were supposed to be shipped immediately with the order. Only the US ones were delayed. Or did you order from the US site shipped to UK? I thought the site said US only, but I might be misremembering.

No they shipped to the uk man 

Blah.. this is getting real annoying. 



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