Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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Unless you saw the artist sign himself, nothing is certain. When you buy from a 3rd party it's about your trust in the chain involved. 

I personally do not trust the record labels, but I hold Elton in higher regard than to see him posing with an item, knowing he did not sign them all himself.

I feel like I remember a member on here who is very familiar with Elton's signature say that these were good. Anyone know who that was?

Richard Booth? He knows Elton's signature very well as I recall.

Yes, I believe that was the member. I didn't go back through the thread to confirm, but I am pretty sure he said these were good. If I am mistaken, I apologize.

Yes, I submitted the Dua version signed by Elton to Beckett and didn’t get authenticated 

There sure looks to be quite a difference on the autograph of my wonderful crazy night CD versus the cold heart art card.

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I guess I do not know what to think anymore. I just saw an art card on eBay - JSA certifiied for $399.99

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These authentication companies are very subjective. With card gradings and signature authentication. Too many times I’ve seen resubmission where they change the grade of something or unauthenticate something. Most likely bad graders. 

Thanks! good to know. I do not really know a whole lot about these outfits. I have never used any of them. A large portion of my collection is autographs from musicians obtained by me in my presence. Would be interesting to see how many of these autographs they would say are not authentic. Probably quite a bit. In any case, take care :)

These autographs are totally not the same.

Perhaps we all have been misled by some assistant signing them, not sure at all.

Does any of the cold heart were signed like the crazy night CD?

Maybe he had many to sign so he rushed to sign them ? Just a guess 

There's a difference in a slowly signed casual autograph and mass signing to make the charts. They look similar enough to my eye. Theyre not autopen and people who know EJ sigs way better than me and more than I could hope to have said they are legit. We bought them from the source. Short of video proof of somebody else signing for him, I think way too much is being made of what looks like a rushed signature.



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