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My first Beatles set came an hr ago and I'm very happy, I'll cherish it. Wanted one for a couple of years now but couldn't afford it. Just thought I'd share, thanks! :)

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Yes, congratulations Al - lovely bold set. Looks great.

great set Al.  Congratulations!

Nice set. Congrats!

What no one has said is that it’s very rare to get them signed in that order, the typical way they were announced “John, Paul, George, and Ringo”

very nice. 

Great observation, Mark. I never would have thought of that but you're right—that makes it more desirable.

+1 Yet another layer of quality!

Funny you say this, it was the sellers usp

Hey Al...Congrats on your first set! Get it matted and framed with UV glass...it'll look great!!

That is a great set.  Congrats.

Hey Jim, this may be sacrilege to some but I never frame signed cuts.

They go into mylar and screwdown holders and kept in a drawer! 

The more I look the more I like. Strong set.

Thanks for all the comments fellas, I don't know anyone irl who cares for autos so it's nice to share this occasion with people who do! 


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