I know this will be moved to some other forum later on.
Have a great 2022 All! May this year be filled with signed LP covers (not just art print) and big artists signing a 1 euro singles, may shipping be free all year long and autographs with full name with the right color.

So ,Have a great tax year All! 

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Same to you minus the taxes!

Lol, amen to this and same to you…thanks to everyone here and best wishes for new years. 

Best wishes to ALL for a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2022!!!

Happy New Year Buddy

Happy New Year! After getting "ghosted" by a fellow countryman who I was trying to do a trade with, I had a great end to December. I ended up getting Dave Gahan, Billy Idol, Dave Grohl and Thom Yorke. I echo your comments, but seriously add, if we are going to trade with each other, let's all have some integrity and some class. We will all miss out on signed items we really want. Then we all get a Grohl or a Yorke and sometimes get two. Let's all keep our moral compasses and karma will be kind! 

Yesterday I got 3 Lps of Fools garden (you all know them from the song Lemon tree) . All Signed and dedicated with kind words. Even my wife  notice how happy I was with it. It was a perfect ending for the year!

Those are awesome! Happy new year everyone. I have all 4 of them as well but yorke was purchased on the secondary market.. it would be cool if people posted some of their favorite scores of the year. Mine are:

David Gilmore

David Grohl,

Dave Gahan 

Dave Mustaine 

David byrne.. so many davids..

Elton John 

Amy Lee

Kylie Minogue 



Alice Cooper 

John Carpenter Halloween LP

Will smith

Thom Yorke (not retail sadly)

Bill Clinton 

Kiss from Talkshop

Damon Albarn

Meg Myers

Ann and Nancy Wilson

Olivia Rodrigo 

Maggie lindemann 

Sasha Sloan (my daughter is also half Russian) 

And all the Taylor Swift releases

All at retail except for Thom Yorke.. I've scored many others but These Are my favorites. Im sure I missed out on a lot of other big names but just looking at this list tells me that 2021 has been a great year overall. Can't wait to see what 2022 brings

Hi Guys, you might enjoy this limited PC Thom signed for me on 8.26.96 at Jones Beach Theatre in Wantaugh NY.

The rest of my R&R - Gilmour signed promo DVD 2002, Waters 2015 Wall DVD IP 9.26.17 at Nassau Coliseum, David Byrne Stop Making Sense cassette IP 7.1.90 Central Park, Billy Corgan signed promo 1996 8x10, Cab Calloway 1944 signed photo, 1953 Judy Garland signed photo, Kraftwerk signed photo 2013 and a Homeland CD/DVD promo decorated and signed by Laurie Anderson in 2010. And of course, David Bowie 1976, (signed in Sweden), 2002 Heathen (Sweden again) and a 1990 Ryko Ziggy Stardust signed in 2002. And then there is vintage Hollywood and Theater (much, much more).

Not many folks are lucky enough to have a photo of their first IP - see below the Yorke. That's me with the pen, cassette and eagle shirt. I had helped him get in his cab, holding his guitar and he both offered to take me with him and stole my pen!

Click for full images.

Wow I am jealous. Did someone you know take that picture? That is priceless!  Such a great list of autographs you have.

Growing up in Chicago, I spent many years focusing my in person signatures on the Cubs and sports in general. Switched over to Hollywood later. Met all 3 Ghostbusters, Murray, Ramis, Aykroyd. And stupidly sold the autograph photo I had of all 3 on ebay auction around 2012. We needed money at the time so I listed a lot of my sports autographs and that ghostbusters photo because I didn't like the placement of Harold's signature. I figured, hes always around Chicago, ill get it redone eventually.. it sold for around $80 Harold passed away and I've regretted it ever since.

The worst part of it is, the autographed photo is posted on this site. Ive tried to become friends with the guy who posted but my request is still hanging. I dont expect him to resell it back but its worth a try.  Its just something I can't completely let go of.. Anyways, I have a few items signed by just Harold. I Met Murray again back in 2017 and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I pulled out my photo signed by Ramis and he called me a professional.. He was not his happy self that night, eventually stormed out of the VIP event he was hosting and left a lot of ppl waiting to meet him.. everyone was able to get a refund..

Ive also been patiently waiting for Dan to have another bottle signing. Ive missed out on at least  5 over the years.. hopefully one day ill be able to get all 3 on one photo again and ill be able to move on.

Lol I got a little sidetracked. We moved downstate so I won't be able to do any in person autographs again until we move back to a big city. Id love to get back out there to focus on music next time. Hopefully in a few more years. Rural living has its perks but autograph hunting isn't one of them

Here is the link where I found it


This is the photo.. so many emotions are attached to this everytime I look at it.. lol this probably isn't helping me get over it 

Amen, with a special happy new year to every single member of this truly excellent forum, and a thank you to all who have shared their finds with us all. Long may it continue.

Happy New Year all! I have had a great year on the site and scored some great stuff this year because of the site. I scored an Elton, Kiss, Rod Stewart, Dave Grohl, Robbie Krieger (finally got a real one), John Densmore, Dave Gahan and probably a few others I can’t think of. Also, really cherish the great conversation with fellow collectors.

Hoping the New Year gives us another legend like Elton who takes care of the fans with a great autographed something. A Neil Young or a Bob Dylan would be wishful thinking but on a smaller scale hopefully somebody legendary. We can only wish!


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