Is this the wackiest set of “autographs” ever offered on eBay?

It includes The Beatles (and Pattie), Paul Revere and the Raiders, Peter (without Gordon), The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Dave Clark Five (including “Nike”), Sonny and Cher(e), Kurt Russell, Leonard Nimoy and The Rascals. The starting price is a whopping $750, or you can make an offer.

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I told seller if he adds Hendrix and Janis I'll go as high as a buck for this fake!

Funny as heck.  Even Leonard Nimoy and Kurt Russell are on it.  All penned by the same moron.

Ha. What’s going on with Paul Revere and the Raiders? It looks like it’s the lineup from 1967, and then The Beach Boys and the Doors. Then they have the previous drummer Mike “Smitty” Smith and the subsequent bass player Keith Allison?

if there's one thing I hate, it's a dumb forger!

This guy is a special kind of dumb!

Perhaps this is a feature in a vintage teen magazine, certainly facsimiles. Any seller with a wiff of sense would know these aren't authentic.

Holla die Waldfee.

I would buy it, if there will be the autographs of Jesus and E.T. on the back (-:

If it had a Stephen Hawking autograph, i would be a buyer.

You should ask him about it, I’m sure he’ll add it on there for you.

Isn't it cute how all of the signatures are so neat and none of them touch another? And they all used the same pen! What a laugher. 



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