It's OK to be Angry About Capitalism Bernie Sanders Signed Bookplate

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Thanks, Joel! Having recently failed to get him in-person after hearing him speak at an RMT event in London, I’m delighted to be finally adding his signature to my collection. Appreciate the heads up :)

you're welcome, I try to stay away from the politics for the most part but I figured he was a big enough name that some would be interested. I sent one to my daughter who is a fan and i do love that the shipping is included with Blackwells

price is decent since it says it includes delivery to the US, 

But (as someone who doesn't get really involved with political autographs) to anyone with previous experience buying, any chance of B&N, Books-A-Mil, or another US outlet carrying similar (from any past experience)?

A U.S. outlet is likely to charge full retail. That's $28+tax and possibly shipping.  If you're buying, why not take the bird in the hand?  

I've ordered from Blackwell's 4x.  Got books signed by Grohl, Patti Smith, Richard Ayoade, and David Attenborough.  Packaging was much better than B&N, BAM, or others.  Shipping usually takes 8-14 calendar days to the U.S. Midwest   I honestly don't know how they make money on some of these. The Ayoade book cost $12.43 shipped. 

I agree, I've only ordered from Blackstones a couple of times but the packaging was excellent and they seem to generally have the best price considering the free shipping. sold out now anyway though

I got one and cannot believe the price and shipping cost to America :-) :-D 

Thank you ever so much! 

Available again!

Thanks, got one for my brother. The order confirmation (email) doesn’t specify that it’s the signed edition but I assume it’s good given the price ($26.57) as opposed to the unsigned hardback that’s less expensive. 

My Signed Bernie Sanders Bookplate Arrived Today!!!! A Total Steal At Under $30 USD Delivered!! :-D

Everyone was right- price was great, Blackwells are pros!

(have yet to see any US outlet for signed copies too, which seems odd)

He's taking some heat for $95 tix (via Ticketbastard) for his tour stops though

Bernie Sanders slammed for charging $95 through Ticketmaster for bo...  (leave it to Fox News to blow up the story...) 

Before the announcement of UK signed copies I was curious, but the events are all $70+ (fees included). He’s addressed it and stated it was on the publisher to maximize the tours. Unlike a normal mom & pop or even chain appearance, they locked larger venues, which makes sense to recoup the cost for space.

Still, I’m surprised there have been no US signed copies like Cole’s or Blackwells offered.

Coles have copies now in case you missed out on Blackwells.



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