This looks good to me, but I'm always a little wary of uninscribed cuts. Does anyone see any red flags?

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I think it looks good

I think it has traits that are very similar to the John signature from the Scream magazine insert.

Very close indeed.

Very specific dot in the "h" upstroke after the vertical and downstroke.

I found this on Mr. Caiazzo‘s site and the dots are very similar to the Scream signature.


That's a rather odd looking Lennon, especially the "e". A lot more dots than mine from what I presume is a similar period (early 64)

I'm sorry, The Ciazzo and yours too.

Here is a genuine 1964 Lennon  signature. The dots are part of the signatures flow. I would say the dots in the OP have been added after it was signed. IMO it is a fake.


That looks fluid and live - the dots we are talking about look more deliberate as suggested and perhaps even added. They don't appear a natural or organic part of the signature.

You mean mine, Frank's or both? I agree that the dots in Frank's look pretty natural too. Just a lot of them.



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