Can you guys tell me if this is real or not? I have a suspicion that I got swindled. I bought a lot of PSA items from a guy. The PSA numbers match the database so I figured they are real. I come to find out there are a lot of fake PSA items going around.

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Eric, if the item is actually the one submitted to PSA and authenticated the cost is just for the letter upgrade which is $10 plus the shipping fees(which are expensive).

The problem I see is that this COA is not for the album it's attached to. We have been seeing a number of these basic certs with expensive items recently. All of which are not authentic that I know about.

It's a scam as far as I know. That is probably why using Roger is the best idea in this circumstance.

Yes Joe, sorry - I wasn't thinking - $10. I am also concerned this is a scam re those cards etc.


We want to keep discussions on topic. Please don't go off into a tangent like you did. It's not fair to others. And please don't yell and scream here in any case.

We have a forum on autograph authentication services where you can post what you just said. I'll give you a couple hours to copy what you wrote above so you can post it there before I delete it.

Here's the forum:

See recent article in the Washington Post. PSA is the subject of an FBI investigation for fraudulent baseball card grading. I wouldn’t trust anyone else’s opinion over your own.

@Joe W

What about this Paul McCartney guys?

Not authentic, IMO.

I believe both those cert cards are bogus as forgers are now searching the PSA database for items without pictures, then printing up cert cards to match the number. However any item valued over 50 bucks HAS to have come with the full PSA LOA (full letter) with photo of the item and full description. Ask the sellers to send you the letters -- I bet they say they "lost" them or never got them which would be another lie (as if the items were authentic they letters would be included).   If you send the items to PSA for their letter it will only cost you more money when they tell you it's fake. 

I agree with Bruce that this is a scam. But, you are only out $15 for a quick opinion from Roger just to be certain.

BTW, I do not think the McCartney is genuine.

I am guessing that Bruce meant to state $50 and over, as opposed to “over 50 bucks”.  A lot of graphs cost $50 to authenticate (probably the reason that a lot of “show specials” apply to fees $49 and under). These will receive a full LOA.

I did not realize that PSA actually examines the item a second time.  I was always under the impression that the $10 fee was simply for an upgrade, and that sending in the item was simply for the purpose of photographing it.  This is indeed good news. I was actually concerned yesterday when I read about fake PSA COAs in the other Led Zeppelin discussion.

It is for the upgrade although I have never seen a Led Zeppelin or Paul McCartney certified by PSA without a full letter. I think this is some sort of a scam.

I talked to PSA twice and received an email back saying I would only be responsible for the shipping and $10.00 if I want the letter.  We will see.   

I assume if if it’s a fake I would NOT have to pay anything.


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