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First post, hopefully you’ll find this useful:https://coles-books.co.uk/the-christmas-princess-by-mariah-carey-an...

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Hopefully all will be okay. I’ve heard of loads of packages from November not being delivered yet and RM focussing on more recent parcels/tracked 24 & 48… couriers also starting to feel the pressure now in my area!

I will be very annoyed if My Buddy Guy signed Guitar doesn't arrive, It's now late and the tracking hasn't been updated for 8 days -  Here is a  photo from yesterday of Bristol Delivery Office where it has hundreds and hundreds of Full York Trolleys sat outside unprotected - the size of a football pitch - sat there getting damaged - bloody ridiculous! 


Wow... This isn't how they will get people on their side. Same for train drivers, average pay 60k for train companies employees, the people on strike are the ones who can afford it. You won't see baristas on strike, or cashiers, and yet they are the ones actually suffering from the current economic chaos in the UK. Least we forget brexit, which greatly contributed to the current situation. The UK is a huge mess at the moment. 

Yes it's terrible, I really am wasting half my day, every day chasing missing parcels, i've never known anything like it! 

I can see many lost / stolen parcel claims in the coming weeks / months

I used to be a Manager at Royal Mail Vehicle Services and know what they were like back then.

Grim times for anybody in the UK as everybody has jumped on the Striking Bandwagon - Nurses are on Strike today too for the first time ever! 


If it's like USPS it'll arrive looking like Pete Townshend got a hold of it first.  This was a recent package I got from Europe.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Mine arrived from Coles today. Unless they dropped an anvil on it, it'll be fine. Their packaging is - as always - impeccable.

Mine too. Double Boxed and gift wrapped like they always are! You could run a Tank over the boxes  and the books would be fine! 

Lol, it looks like the USPS plane crashed and they were able to recover this. I assume the item did not survive that damage? Did USPS have explanation, accept fault? Just curious. 

It survived-just needed a little elbow grease to repair the damage.

Oh ok, that’s good. My goodness…


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