The Signed Deluxe edition of Renegades will be on sale at Barnes & Noble on Dec 7th. Limit of one per person and instore only. No online orders . Barnes and Noble members only and the price is $500, 10% for members RENEGADES: BORN IN THE USA. ( 

and Amazon Renegades: Born in the USA (Deluxe Signed Edition): 978...

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I bet those are placed by people looking for easy money. If it sells they have a guaranteed profit. If it doesn't sell they cancel their Amazon order before December 7th. 

Seems to me, anyone with a lick of sense will see all those for sale on eBay and immediately Google to find out if there are any available at retail. I know I would.  I understand selling on secondary market. But,  IMHO, I'd wait till they sell out first.   Having said that,  maybe all the eBay listings will lead to an earlier sell out as the less avid collectors get drawn in.

A bunch of links direct from publisher, incluing Amazon, BAM, Target, WalMart etc... So Amazon will definitely be getting some. Ordered a backup from Target just in case. They also don't charge until it ships. WalMart's link isn't live yet.

Is legit? Would try my luck there. Credit card only as well, though.

It is, but i think they charge your card right away which is why I went with Target (or would have gone with WalMart if they had theirs up) since they don't charge until they ship.


I'm curious how limited these will be if all those links are selling them or if all the pre-orders will get cancelled. Seems like a good deal for both signatures. 

Springsteen is my ultimate grail signature, is there going to be anyway to find an authentic auto from him for less than this? I have never spent this much on anything and want to double check before I purchase this. 

Yes, there are Springsteen signed items for less than $547

I can't imagine finding a Springsteen with this type of provenance for less money, forget about it when you add Obama into the mix.


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